Now available the Canine Oral Melanoma Vaccine

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We now are able to offer ONCEPT, the first DNA-based canine cancer vaccine, proven to extend survival time in dogs treated for oral melanoma.

Since 2007, thousands of dogs have been treated with a therapeutic vaccine following surgical removal of primary canine oral melanoma (COM) tumors.

This innovative vaccine is available to veterinary specialists as ONCEPT Canine Melanaoma Vaccine, DNA.

ONCEPT is the first DNA-based vaccine to aid in extending survival time in dogs treated for COM.

Canine malignant melanoma (CMM) is the most commonly occurring oral tumor in dogs.

Spontaneous canine oral melanoma (COM) is a highly metastatic cancer that is resistant to chemotherapy and can serve as a model for cancer immunotherapy.

Canine melanoma readily metastasizes to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs and kidneys.

Traditional treatment for CMM is surgery and/or radiation therapy.

Survival time for dogs with advanced stages of COM treated with surgery alone:
WHO stage II disease-approximately 150-180 days
WHO stage III disease-approximately 60-90 days
 (less than 5 to 6 months when treated with surgery alone)

In a study 53 dogs with stage II or stage III COM were treated by vaccination with ONCEPT following local disease control achieved through surgery.

At a follow-up for survival data six months after the conclusion of the study, less than 50% of treated dogs died of disease related to canine oral melanoma.

Quartile estimates of survival time for vaccinates (25% mortality [95% confidence intervals] was 464 days.

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